Guest Review: OBSTRUCTION (The Potential Trilogy) by Peyton Sloane

Guest Review: OBSTRUCTION (The Potential Trilogy) by Peyton SloaneObstruction by Peyton Sloane
Series: The Potential Trilogy #2
on April 2, 2014
Genres: Erotic Romance
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When Julian St. Sauveur, described in Architectural Digest as the "Rock Star of the Architectural World" was seated beside the bohemian woman on his flight to Paris, he never would have conceived how events would this young widow would capture his mind, heart and soul so quickly and completely. She was a force of nature and his equal in every way — passion, anger, joy and just plain silliness.

Jazzmyne Mickelson took off on a journey of self- exploration and was likewise thrown off balance by the beautiful and urbane man who sat beside her. 

He is curious, inappropriate and completely proprietary...she is fascinated, responsively inappropriate and swept off her feet. She is naïve and overwhelmed, thrilled and frightened in his presence. He is thinking he has found his greatest desires.

Barely begun, and tenuously fresh, Jazz and Julian's relationship is tested by each other and the spectre of Julian's burgeoning fame which accosts them at every turn resulting in deceit and terror.

Will they find a way through the obstacles together and stronger or will they be torn apart, broken beyond repair?


I read the first book in this trilogy Exploration in my review of that book I noted that it needed some good editing. The second book in the series was much better.  I like that the author read the reviews and improved on her writing. Like in my review for Exploration I am not one to talk about correct grammar. In school English was not my favorite class nor did I get good grades so I commend an author that writes books and takes to heart what her readers say. 

I read the first book and just couldn’t stop; I had to get the second book to continue with the story. In Obstruction the author picked up right where Exploration left off.  This book is just as HOT as the first book. The passion between Jazz and Julian is off the charts and makes you want to read more. Julian is an alpha male but has a sweet side to him. Jazz is shy but is coming out of her shyness thanks to Julian. 

Peyton knows how to grab your attention.  In the end the book leaves you in a good place that book three will just be a bonus, but if you’re like me you just want more of Jazz and Julian and can’t wait till 2015 for the final book in the trilogy.  Counting down the days because I know Peyton will not disappoint, she will only make it sexier and better.  


About Peyton Sloane

I have been an extreme bibliophile since I was a kid, precociously finishing my first read of “Gone with the Wind” at age 12. I’ve had lots of stories whirling around in my head over the years and am grateful for the opportunities afforded by the relatively new world of self-publishing.

Personally, I am a wife, career woman and mom to 2 amazing little divas, hence their photo on my page, rather than mine, they are WAY cuter…

I ride a Harley, have ink, a smart mouth and a dirty mind – this latter always with apologies to my mom who wishes she could wash it out with soap!

This journey of writing I am on is by far the most landmark moment in my life. I will always hope that my characters and their stories will bring as much enjoyment to my readers as I get from writing them!

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