Guest Review: RECKLESS GAMES by M.J. Lowell

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Guest Review: RECKLESS GAMES by M.J. LowellReckless Games by M.J. Lowell
Published by: Vook
on July 29, 2014
Genres: Romantic Suspense
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There are all kinds of games.
Lucy Flannigan is in her last year of music school when she gets a call saying her brilliant inventor father has died. The police say it was suicide. Her gut says it was murder.

Exhilarating games.
Rhys Carlyle is a player in every sense of the word. He's built the fastest growing gaming company in the world, and he's not done yet. Ruthlessly ambitious, he has an insatiable appetite for power and beauty – and he lets nothing stand between him and what he wants. When Lucy saves him from a freak plot on his life, Rhys decides that what he wants is her.

Dangerous games.
Lucy suspects Rhys holds the key to the mystery of her father's death – but to unlock it, she’ll have to play his games. What begins as a quest for the truth quickly becomes something more – much more. Lucy is soon out of her comfort zone, out of her depth...

Reckless games.
...and intoxicated by a heady mix of desire, pleasure – and fear. By the time Lucy learns the explosive truth, it's not just her heart that hangs in the balance, it's her life.

There are all kinds of games, but they all end the same way: Game over.(less)


What would you do if your mother committed suicide when you were younger and it was just you and your dad, then when you’re in college you get a phone call that your father committed suicide? You know in your heart that your dad would never die the same way as your mother. I know I would do everything in my power to find out the truth of how my father died. I know that my best friend would stand by my side to help me uncover the truth. Lucy’s best friend Val did just that. At first Val didn’t want Lucy to pursue the man she thought killed her father. Val wanted her to “You know, your basic building-a-professionally-and-personally-fulfilling-life kind of stuff.” but this was her way of fulfilling her life. I know I would want to know the truth about what happened to my dad. I loved her under cover personality as “Tuesday Granite” she played her character well. The book was more like an episode or two like CSI which I loved. You never knew who the bad guy might be.

Rhys character was in a way a “Dom” character. Rhys states what he wants. “I’m going to possess you completely. Touch you in places you’ve never been touched, make you feel things you can’t imagine. I’m going to own you. Your every thought, every sensation, every breath will be mine.”  Rhys type is busty blondes. Lucy never thought he could fall or get involved with someone like her, but what man really has a type sometimes it’s just how people perceive what they think someone should be with. 

The story was well written and had a little bit of everything in mystery, hot sex and great story line. I’ve read that this book was a mix of Fifty Shades of Gray and Pretty Woman but I would categorize is a mix of Fifty Shades of Gray and CSI mixed with a little bit of NCIS. Fifty Shades for the hot sex; CSI for the investigation of who killed her father and NCIS for the product her father was killed trying to make. 

The end of the story is why I can only give four stars. In the story you find out the truth of what happened to her father but there are so many questions that go unanswered which leads me to believe there could be a book two. I will definitely be reading more MJ Lowell books. 


About M.J. Lowell

M.J. Lowell is a Brooklyn-based writer, reader and pizza lover who started telling stories as soon as she could talk (sorry, Mom and Dad!). She enjoys falling in love, breakfast in bed, Hot Tamales candy, ice-cold Manhattans, and Pitch Perfect. Her inspirations include Meg Cabot, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mary Stewart, Agatha Christie, J.R. Ward, Sylvia Day, and Princess Mononoke. She fantasizes about riding off into the sunset with a handsome French baron whose apartment has a bath tub and a shower, but until he appears she’s happy spending her days with her French bulldog, Coco Chanel. Reckless Games is her first novel.

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