Release Blitz: EVERY SOUL by LK Collins (ARC Review)

Release Blitz: EVERY SOUL by LK Collins (ARC Review)

I received this book for free from the in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Release Blitz: EVERY SOUL by LK Collins (ARC Review)Every Soul by LK Collins
Published by: Prezidential LLC
on September 19, 2014
Genres: Erotic Romance
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When you lose the one person who grounds your existence, your whole world changes.

In life, it is said that everything happens for a reason. If that’s true, how can you explain death? Especially when it happens to someone so young, so beautiful, and so innocent? My name is Bain Adams, and I struggle with these thoughts every day. I’ve been through hell and back, somehow surviving the unimaginable. My sister took her life six months ago, and now, what’s left is a shell of the man I once was, a shadow of the person I used to be. Do I miss that life? Absolutely. But I miss her more, every day. I pray time will ease the pain and help my suffering while I search for the answers…but so far, nothing.

Happiness is something I knew so long ago, and now it’s nothing but a faint, distant recollection of the life I once had. My name is Arion LaSalle, and seven months ago my life was shredded to pieces when my fiancé disappeared while deployed. He never came home, burning a hindrance of pain and agony within my soul. For so long, I lived my life believing everything happens for a reason, until now. ‘Cause none of it makes any sense. Why Nate? Why only him? Since getting through each breath is a struggle, I put on a fake persona, pretending I’m someone I’m not, living my life recklessly. Because for me, it was all taken far too soon.


My Thoughts


This is LK Collins BEST WORK to date! EVERY SOUL takes us on a beautiful and erotic journey of love, loss, hope, and second chances. Bain and Arion are two characters that will stay with me for a very long time. My heart hurt for them, and you can’t help but feel for these wonderful, broken characters. The strength of these two just blew my mind. What they both went through would crumble a human being. The support and love that they brought to one another, warmed my soul and brought a smile to my face. Second chances are hard, but together, and the amount of healing they provided from one another, they can now start over with a stronger foundation for their love. 


What would you do if you suffered an incredibly devastating loss, and all of your hopes, dreams, and passions drifted away? What happens when the grief is so overwhelming, you feel like you have no one to turn to and you are driven to make very bad decisions, because you no longer care? Bain and Arion have both lost loved ones. The losses have left them empty and emotionally drained. In EVERY SOUL, we follow them through their grief. We follow them, as they try to live half a life, as they try to find some way out of the darkness. Bain uses his pills and Arion uses sex to cope. When they finally find each other, it was supposed to be just temporary to ease the pain, just for a little while. When one time turns into two, and two times turns into three, and so on; they find themselves growing more and more attracted to each other. When they learn of each other’s loss, their relationship grows even stronger. They become a rock for one another, someone to lean on, and take away some of the pain. Even though you are rooting like hell for this couple, you ask yourself, how can two such broken souls heal one another? Not only are you struggling with losing that special someone, but now you bring on the struggles of relationships. It’s difficult, and my heart constantly ached with every flashback that occurred. A great turning point happens, when Bain no longer needs his pills because this woman, Arion, being with her, gives him the same kind of high. 


I can’t tell you how many times I had to grab the tissues during this read. What a solid, near perfection of a heart wrenching, but absolutely beautiful love story. EVERY SOUL will take you someplace dark, right along with the characters, but just know, together they find their way towards the light, and will take you right along with them. EVERY SOUL was a no-brainer for me to choose as a TOP PICK of 2014! I fell in love with LK Collins writing style in her previous series, and if anything, she kicked it up a notch with this current release. It is practically everything you would want in an Erotic Romance. It’s extremely sexy, extremely emotional, and extremely well-written. It deals with situations that are sad but often relatable, and the characters just blew me away. If this is LK Collins first attempt at writing in this genre, well watch out world, we have a major player moving up the ranks fast! 

Just as a side note…just when you think all is well with Bain and Arion’s HEA, think again…the Epilogue will kick your ass and leave you with your mouth hanging open. Even though the type of cliffhanger we are left with made me SCREAM…you can’t fault Ms. Collins for it. It’s actually quite genius once you calm down and think about it. I guarantee once you are finished, you will be counting down the days until Ms. Collins gives us an incredible sequel. Until then, I shall dream about Bain! Nighty night!


shayna renee

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About LK Collins

From bestselling author, LK Collins, comes 3 Breaths a standalone novel releasing 2-29-16. 3 Breaths will make your heart skip a beat while falling for the bad boy that you know you shouldn’t. LK writes an array of emotionally and sexy gripping Erotic Romance novels. She’s a lover of the oxford comma and everything in the writing world. Her stories are compelling and will draw you in from page one, and with twists and turns, she always keeps her readers enthralled ’til the end. When LK’s not lost in the minds of her characters, you can find her on the beach with her family, where her husband and writing partner, “The Prezident,” are sure to be plotting out her next tale. 

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