Guest Review: DOUBLE HER PLEASURE by Tanya Sands

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Guest Review: DOUBLE HER PLEASURE by Tanya SandsDouble Her Pleasure by Tanya Sands
Series: The Chasers #1
Published by: Self-pub
on July 30, 2014
Genres: Erotic Romance, Menage
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Miranda "Randa" Michaels has just about given up on love. With the moving in of two very attractive men next door, Randa thinks no way would either of them be interested in a full figured woman like her. She's in for a surprise when she is pursued by not one, but both men.

Chase and Jack have been friend for years. They share a love of animals and women, particularly full figured ones. So much so that they prefer to share. They hit the jackpot when they move next door to Miranda Michaels and become her co-workers all in the same week.

Can she overcome her past experiences and open herself to the love of not one but two men?


What a sexy read! This book was such a turn on, because of myself being a woman who used to have issues, with my own self-esteem. I had huge self-esteem issues with my appearance, till I lost a lot of weight. To have one man think you are hot and want you was one thing, but two at the same time was unheard of!! Well ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a fun and WILD ride!

     OK…having one Alpha man is hot, but two Alphas, at the same time is panty soaking, just thinking about it! I have never had a menage before, but after reading this book, makes me want one REAL BAD! Actually, I have never read a book about menages, so this book was a wonderful SEXY SURPRISE.

     I’m trying not to give away any of this book…..Being a much older woman, with full-figured luscious curves, Miranda had no idea what was in store for her, when she met much younger Chase and Jack. Not to mention, Miranda had grown children, but I will let you read the book, to see what they thought of this relationship.
     Randa (that’s what everyone calls Miranda) is through with relationships. Her first husband died, and her second husband, well lets just say she is divorced. Lol! Randa is a mom of two grown successful children, loves animals, and she is a beautiful plus-sized woman.

     She has this crazy ex-husband who always tries to keep coming back, no matter what Randa says or does. She is also very curious, when two very sexy men move in next door (Chase and Jack). She doesn’t realize she is about to get on the ride of her life and experience pleasure like she never has before. But imagine what happens, when your past collides with your present? 

     Does Randa really seem to get past her insecurities? Does she really seem to heal from the past emotional abuse she suffered and endured? Will she be able to find love again and a crazy, weird and SEXY new life, with two men at the same time?

I strongly liked Jack and Chase. They were not bisexual, but just very confident and secure in their manhood. They share everything including their women.  You don’t see two hot and sexy men fall head over heels in love, with a full-figured woman everyday. I loved the twist of all three of them working together. It added a different spark and curve. As Alphas always are, they were extremely protective of Randa.

     Wanna see two straight forward Alphas protective over one woman at the same time and not want to tear each other apart, this is a book for you.

     The reason I didn’t give this book 5 stars was because I was tired of them talking about her body size every other page. But other than that this was a GREAT read!

     I liked the ending and can’t wait to read her future books! Hint* Write about Sam next! Please!!!

Happy Reading!

reviewed by shannon

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Tanya Sands. Mother of 4 boys, and 2 furry babies. Military Vet and a self-proclaimed “flag-thumper”. Addicted to reading. Dabbles in patchwork quilting. Baby of a large large family that has patiently put up with her need to entertain, in whatever fashion she can pull off.
When she is not reading, and now writing, she takes care of her 2 youngest boys and dogs, Sunshine and Duke. She’s grateful that her husband’s truck driving job enables her to stay at home and feed her passions.
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  1. This sounds like it will be a great read that I’d enjoy very much! I don’t think their are enough of these type of stories out because let’s face it how many of are sizes 4 – 0 or have full, wavy, thick blonde or auburn hair? Not all that many please let’s keep it real and this looks like it does. Thx!