Guest Review: THE TRAINING OF KATE by Khul Waters

I received this book for free from the in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Guest Review: THE TRAINING OF KATE by Khul WatersThe Training of Kate by Khul Waters
Series: Journey into Submission #1
Published by: eXtasy Books
on June 15, 2014
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary Erotic Romance
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Fighting a despair that is eroding her will to live, Kate flees to another city. There, she desperately seeks the answers she needs to restore her former life of sensuality and her joy in her submissiveness. She is drawn into the eye of an emotional storm when she meets an intriguing man online. Miles is everything she had searched for in a Master, but nothing that perfect could be so simple…


In this novella, we meet Kate, a nurse, as she is flying from Melbourne to Hobart (Australia). Kate is suffering from the darkness of her past and has begun to lose her desire to go on. Despite a fear of flying, she leaves town in hopes of gaining some perspective. Luckily, her married friends are overseas, and Kate has agreed to house sit. 

She is a divorcee, who is still smarting from her ex-husband’s cheating ways. While in Hobart, Kate lets herself get lost in memories of her past, and those of her last year of school, when she had an intense affair with her teacher, Paul (who becomes her Master). The affair and resulting relationship helped shaped her sexuality. She lost touch with him but often refers back to their diary. Let me tell you, those entries are HOT (with a smidgen of awkward due to the teacher aspect and the 20 year age difference–although it helped that she was 19, unless I read that wrong). 

Desperate for a distraction (wasn’t the steamy diary enough!?!), Kate turns to a new online chat program, Rose. She is soon befriended by Ake  (aka Miles) who shows her the ropes; in no time, they become cyber sex partners. (This was just a strange part of the story for me–the concept of the program and her finding fulfillment through it.)  

Shortly thereafter, Kate sees an upswing in her attitude.  She realizes she wants a Master who would give her what Paul had, but in a different way.  Although it appears her online lover, Miles, might be just as kinky as her, he is married. She is saddened by this, because she is developing an interest in him, but she is reminded that her ex cheated on her. 

In usual form, Kate heads out of town to Bruny for some quality introspection. When she returns, she cannot find Miles online and wonders what this may mean. This ends the first novella. 

This novella was different for me. It is a serial, with which I have a love/hate relationship, and although most are written in first person, this one was written in third person. I tend to feel more detached in third person narration. However, the prose was so well written, I maintained a connection to Kate and the story. I do admit, the cyber sex/internet angle threw me off, though. I’m not sure how to describe it other than weird. 

Kate talks out loud to herself quite often (whether to chaste herself for being in a funk or to give herself pep talks). It’s a little odd reading her commentary, as opposed to the typical “thoughts” that come from first person narration, but I eventually became used to it.

Overall, this was a different, but interesting read. It wasn’t a favorite for me, but I’m sure other readers would love it, particularly if they are looking for something a little unique.

Reviewed by Laura

About Khul Waters

I am a 65-year-old Australian and was a high school teacher for most of my professional life. Born and raised in Sydney, I have taught in many places in eastern Australia. I have also taught in England and Hong Kong for extended periods of time.
I write in the genre of erotic romance in order to express the joy I find in life and in love. I began with short stories and poetry that mostly seemed to focus on one theme: the nature of love between men and women. Specifically, I am intrigued by the nature of Dom / submissive relationships. Not the stereotypical leather and whips type but the need for many men to take a dominating role in lovemaking and for many women to take a submissive role. My stories feature this pre-occupation and have been published by eXtasy Press.

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