ACCIDENTALLY YOURS by Lea BarrymireAccidentally Yours by Lea Barrymire
Series: Coyote Bluff #1
Published by: Self-pub
on September 10, 2014
Genres: Erotic, Paranormal Romance
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Cammie has had one hell of a night. Her long-time abusive boyfriend pushed her to the limits and then a freaking wolf hit her car. While clutching a bag of frozen peas to her swollen eye she manages to rescue the animal and make it home. But what’s she do with it after that? 

Ian can’t believe his luck. After a stupid decision he’s been run out of every shifter territory he’s entered. Hoping Coyote Bluff would be different seems to have been his downfall. After a bunch of coyotes chase him through the night he finds himself being coddled by a tempting woman. His canine half is already in love with her. 

Cammie’s ex comes calling, Ian’s found out by the local Alpha and the town seems bent on keeping them apart. Can they fight against everyone at once to find happiness together? Better question would be will Cammie accept Ian once he admits to being the wolf she so readily confided in and nursed back to health?


After finally leaving her abusive boyfriend all Cammie wants it to get home and nurse her wounds. However, life had other plans for her. Ian is a lone wolf since he was ostracized from his pack due to a mistake he wishes he could take back. In a new town where he hopes to get a fresh start he is once again being run off  pack members, but this time he runs right into Cammie’s car.  After Cammie brings what she thinks is either a very large dog or a well-trained wolf home to try to help him things for both of them turn into something neither could have ever expected.

I liked the premise and I absolutely loved the paranormal aspect of the story. However, the plot line seems a little too familiar. Lonely woman needing to be saved, alpha male wolf, abusive stalker ex-boyfriend. That being said the book was still enjoyable and there are parts of the book that made me blush. I was very happy to see Cammie find her backbone, because the first part she was a little too weak for my taste. Ian’s character was very well-defined and I was able to get onboard with this hot, sexy alpha male early on. A little odd he stayed as a wolf as long as he did, living with Cammie without her knowing. That would have freaked me out, but it played well into the story line. All in all I liked this book.  It was a sweet, steamy quick read. 



First kiss

“Do you want me to kiss you? Is that why you’re staring at me, Cammie?” He shifted slightly on the seat and a zing of lightning shot up her leg when his brushed hers. He breathed his next words across the small distance between them. “I want to kiss you. I want to taste you on my tongue. Will you let me do that?”

Did she want to kiss him? Yes. Should she? That was a completely different question. She knew this was a dream, accepted it as truth. If she woke with a lingering affection for her dream man she’d be a depressed pile of goo for days. Keeping her distance was probably the right thing to do, but she really, really, didn’t want to do the right thing. She wanted to climb into his lap, and dig her fingers into his hair while sucking on his lower lip. She wet her lips in anticipation and almost groaned as the tingling intensified. Screw it, live in the now.

A moment after her tiny nod she was wrapped in strong, warm arms. She hadn’t seen him move, hadn’t felt his body shift, but both must have happened for her to be on his lap, straddling his thighs. Her eyes closed and she tilted her head back in acceptance. She’d force her mind to not dwell on the kiss she was going to get. She could do that, it was her dream, right?

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About Lea Barrymire

Lea lives in Western New York with her hubby, three children, and miscellaneous critters. Before the rug rats, she lived a life of adventure, following her husband all over Europe with the US military. She’s slept in a car outside Paris, drove six hours just to see tulips in the Netherlands, and knocked ash from her shoes at Pompeii. Now she spends her time in life’s adventures at soccer games, PTA meetings and school plays.

Lea has loved reading from a very young age, spending many sleepless nights devouring books. Science fiction and paranormal were her favorite genres to read as a teenager, and that love bled into her adult life. She started writing during a bout of insomnia, to fill time, and found it filled a creative void. Now she communes regularly with the characters in her head and tries not to laugh out loud when they say something funny.

When Lea isn’t reading, writing or corralling kids, she enjoys watching movies and sciencey shows, or just kicking back and listening to some music.

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