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Series: Night Owl #2
Published by: St. Martin's Griffin
on October 28, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Erotic Romance
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Tensions rise, secrets grow bigger, and passions run deeper—and hotter—in Last Light, the second novel of the Night Owl Trilogy from bestselling author M. Pierce.

Matt Sky is missing. After a solo ascent of Longs Peak that left only a large blood stain, tatters of climbing clothing, and the tracks of an animal in the snow, he is presumed dead.

Hannah Catalano is guarding a secret: she knows Matt is alive. After Matt's memorial service, she lingers on the East Coast with his family, but it soon becomes clear that his brothers' motives are less than gracious. Nate Sky is bent on tracking down the author of Night Owl, a book that charts the last days of Matt's life with uncanny and scandalous accuracy, and which appeared only after his death. Seth Sky is bent on getting Hannah into his bed.

Hidden away in the woods, Matt and Hannah strive desperately to maintain their ruse and their relationship—but their web of lies only tightens as Matt struggles with the consequences of his decision, and Hannah tries to escape Nate's libel suit and fend off Seth's advances...until Hannah is put in danger, and Matt must make a life or death choice.

My Thoughts

I admit, I was a little scared at what direction this story was taking. I should’ve known better. Not as good as Night Owl, but brilliant all the same. With an ominous prologue and an absolutely thrilling storyline, I couldn’t help but get sucked right back into a world full of sex, lies, and deception. If I didn’t say it during my review of Night Owl, I continue to be extremely impressed with the way M. Pierce’s writing transports us into these character’s lives, leaving us there to laugh, cry, drool, and pant until it gets overwhelming and we absolutely need a break from the brilliance. 

Our favorite writer is tormented by his thoughts, but has the comfort of his soul mate to bring him back from the darkness. A writer who holds privacy above all else, and the woman who knows that she always will come second, stands by his side no matter what. This all-consuming, titillating, raw romance will have you on your knees begging for more. Bombshell after bombshell will leave you breathless. Lies and betrayal threaten to tear worlds apart, shattering the trust that was so hard to achieve. LAST LIGHT turned out to be a pretty amazing sequel to a brilliant  and incredible series. M. Pierce is an author we need to keep our eyes on. I feel like we’ve only witnessed half of what this incredibly talented author can dish out. I’m excited and overwhelmed when it comes to this series, and I will wait with bated breath for the final installment to reach my kindle, so I can continue the journey that has every romance reader in a tailspin. 


shayna renee


 Matt insisted on carrying me to the bathroom. I hugged his neck.

            “Matt, you realize I can walk with a black eye, right?”

            “I’ll be the judge of that.” He set me on the counter and I squeaked; the marble was frigid under my bare bottom. He dropped one of my bath bombs in the tub and watched it fizz and color the water purple.

Once, I managed to convince Matt to use a bath bomb with me. It was called a “sex bomb” and it was supposed to “put us in the mood” with “exciting scents” and “natural pheromones.” I grinned at the memory. As soon as Matt realized the bomb was coating his skin in sparkles, he leapt out of the tub ranting about “looking Twilighty” and “smelling like a girl.”

            “What’re you grinning at?”

            “You.” I smiled. “And this bath, which is such a transparent effort to avoid saying goodbye. Sweet… but transparent.”

            Matt frowned and paced the small space of the bathroom. Ha! I was right. Matt planned to leave me in the tub and slip away.

My poor, adorable night owl—he really had issues with goodbyes.

            “No,” he mumbled. “Maybe…”

            “Can I induce you to stay a little longer?” I uncrossed my legs deliberately and spread them. Matt watched. He folded his arms and tilted his head.

            “How does your cheek feel?”

            “They’re cold.” I grinned.

            “And you say I’m bad.” He slid me off the sink and turned me. I watched our reflection through the patchy steam on the mirror. Matt—God, he was so tall, and the look on his face was arresting. He wanted me. I knew that look.

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Release Date: March 24, 2015

In the final novel of the Night Owl Trilogy from bestselling author M. Pierce, can a passion that has withstood many ordeals become a love strong enough to last a lifetime?


About M. Pierce

M. Pierce is the bestselling author of Night Owl, book one in the erotic Night Owl Trilogy. The author lives in Colorado and owns a rabbit named Laurence.

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