PLAYING FOR KEEPS by Kelsie BellePlaying for Keeps by Kelsie Belle
Published by: Siren Publishing
on March 13, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Erotic Romance
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Left broken and bleeding, night club owner and accountant
Cassidy Samson did her best to pick up the pieces of her broken self and move on with her life. She vowed never to let anyone get close to her heart again…until the potent force of a pair of green eyes threatens to bring her to her knees.

Hired as the new guitarist in the band at the Escape Lounge,
Cameron Chase is intrigued and aroused by Cassidy’s tough-as-nails attitude and sets out to barrel through the formidable wall she has constructed around her heart, to get to the real woman behind the façade. He agrees to play by her rules in a reckless game of lust in hopes of finding love.

But will Cam be able to chase away the demons of Cassidy’s past that threaten to consume her? Will his love be strong enough to make her whole again?


A tragic past has Cassidy Samson barely living. She is determined to never allow another man into her heart, only in her bed and only for one night. That is until Cameron Chase joins the band that plays at her nightclub the Escape Lounge. The attraction is intense and the ability to walk away is weakened every time he touches her. The wall she has constructed around what she believes to be her frozen heart starts to melt which only causes to want to run. 

“There was no place for Cam in my life, no place for these feelings in my tattered heart” – Cassidy

Cameron is fascinated with Cassidy’s sassy attitude and “take no prisoners” approach to her life. Initially he agrees to her to play be her rules of just sex, but the more he gets to know her the more of her he wants.  He is determined to find a way into Cassidy’s heart and make her his.

Cassidy had some really horrible things happen to her and it made me want to be sympathetic. However, the amount of back and worth she does with Cameron and the “can I or can’t I” internal monologues made it really hard for me to like her. 

Cameron I loved and how he stuck it out is beyond me. I would have left her half way through the book. Her whole approach to sex was off-putting and the push/pull with Cameron and even her friends did not make for a likeable girl. The added mystery of a potential stalker was great. I loved the plot line as it added an extra layer to the story. The passion between the sheets was very hot and extremely sexy.

“Tell me what you want… Tell me tiger. Tell me how you want it” – Cameron Chase

 All in all the book is good. Cameron, the secondary characters, scorching sex and the added mystery off set Cassidy’s character. 



I watched her as she came out of her bedroom wearing a simple cotton short-sleeved purple nightshirt, buttoned up at the front. It rested just below her hips, giving me an eye full of her creamy thighs. My cock throbbed at the tantalizing sight. Fuck but she was sexy!

“Do you need anything?” she asked, leaning against the wall, playing with a lock of her hair that had fallen into her face. I wasn’t in the mood for games, my cock had been hard and pulsing for hours. My only focus now was sinking its hard length into her warmth and getting off in spectacular fashion.

“Only you,” I told her, rising to my feet and stalking to her slowly. I grabbed her hand and yanked her hard against my body, crushing my greedy mouth over hers. She gasped in surprise but moaned as I thrust my tongue down her throat. I bit her bottom lip, dragging it between my teeth. Then I licked the tender flesh causing her to whimper helplessly. She reached for the hem of my Polo shirt, lifting it over my head in one smooth motion. I backed her up against the wall using my knee to brace her legs apart. My hand reached down to yank the nightshirt up to her waist and shifted her bikini panties aside so I could sink one finger and then another into her moist heat.

“Ahhhh…” She groaned as I began to move my fingers back and forth, sinking them into her before dragging them out to massage her clit.

“So fucking wet for me.” I groaned into her ears as she writhed on my fingers, urging me on.

“Take the shirt off,” I instructed her. She seemed so dazed that she didn’t respond to me. “Take it off, Cass, unless you want me to destroy it!”

My words spurred her into action and she brought her hands up to undo the small buttons of her shirt with slightly trembling fingers. I continued to fuck her with my hand and her pussy clenched around my fingers each time they thrust inside, juice oozing down my hand. I looked her in the eyes as I removed my hand from her sweet cunt and brought it to my lips, sucking her honey from my fingers. She cried out, throwing the shirt on the floor behind her. My head dipped to devour her succulent breasts, small and firm in my hands. I flicked my tongue across her nipples, then captured each nub in my mouth to suckle on them.

“Fuck! Ahhh…” She bucked against the wall.

“Lift your leg, tiger. I need to taste that pussy,” I told her, my voice gravelly with my need. I lowered my body before her and hoisted her left leg over my shoulder, exposing her cunt. Her fingers tangled in my hair almost painfully as I ran my tongue through her wet slit. She tasted of lust and fucking need, her fragrance was the heady spice of a woman in heat.

About Kelsie Belle

Kelsie Belle wears many hats – wife, mother and teacher are just a few. But the erotic romance writer hat is by far her favorite. She has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember, many characters live inside her overactive mind and a thousand stories come to life in her head every day. She’s been writing down her sweet romances ever since she was a teenager but in her early twenties, Ms. Belle became interested in erotic romance novels and her own stories took a turn for the sensual since then.

Kelsie is wildly gregarious by nature. She considers herself ‘forever 21’ and enjoys reading contemporary romance, Science fiction and fantasy, listening to music and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. A caffeine addict that lives life from one coffee mug to the next, she’s always on the go, ready and waiting for the next adventure.

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