Series Spotlight + Giveaway: SUBMISSIVE IN LOVE by Red Phoenix

Series Spotlight + Giveaway: SUBMISSIVE IN LOVE by Red Phoenix

Fans of the Brie Series REJOICE! I’m SO EXCITED to share with you the new serial series, Submissive in Love by Red Phoenix. In this new series Red Phoenix takes us on an incredible journey of beauty and seduction. 


22825730Brie’s Tokyo Tryst

Brie Bennett is a submissive in love, but a chain of events will lead her on an unexpected journey around the world. A haunting dream, along with Tono Nosaka’s disappearance, forces an unplanned trip to Japan where tragedy, duty and the allure of Kinbaku take center stage. Brie discovers an enchanting new side to the gentle Master and the compelling reason for his silence. 

This first novella of Brie’s Submissive in Love series takes you on a tantalizing journey to Tokyo: a land of tradition, beauty and seductive rope play…


“Right now all that exists is you, me, and this moment in time.”




Brie’s Denver Desires23196961

Brie Bennett is not prepared for the surprises and delights that await her in Denver. An unexpected encounter uncovers Master Anderson’s past, while a sweet reunion with Baron complements the provocative scene she must film with Ms. Clark. She also discovers that Lea has a mysterious new friend – a person Brie was fated to meet. 

In this second novella of the Submissive in Love Series hearts will be tested, desires confronted and bad jokes shared as Brie explores Denver’s darker side… 

To be all caught up with Brie you need to have read: 
Brie Learns the Art of Submission (Brie Series Book 1) 
Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission (Brie Series Book 2) 
– The first of the new serial, Brie’s Tokyo Tryst: Submissive in Love 

* Also recommended: The Erotic Adventures of Amy and Troy – in this novel you will meet Master Brad Anderson BEFORE he became part of the Submissive Training Center 

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“You will be well used tonight kitten.”


23526711Brie’s Christmas Pearls

Christmas magic with a little kink… 

Brie’s Master has kept something from her that threatens to tear them apart. When confronted, dark emotions are awakened but the couple is part of a tight community that won’t let them fail. Brie believes in the magic of Christmas and plans the perfect gift. Little does she know she’s about to experience some Christmas magic of her own – with a touch of kink. 

What happens when condor love collides head-on with Master’s demons? Pearls, naturally… 

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“I count on your love more than you know.”





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About Red Phoenix

Erotica is delicious fantasy meant to help stimulate both the mind and body.

I love romance and I love good sex. It is a healthy combination in real life. I write stories that touch on the ups and downs of lovers and the unique sexual experiences that make life a ton more fun. I am a happily married woman who believes (based on personal experience) that love conquers all. It is a running theme in my writing.

I started writing erotica for two reasons: I had characters milling around in my head begging to be heard AND I wanted to read stories that were not only hot but also meaningful. Being an indie author, I have the freedom to write whatever comes to mind from BDSM (Brie), paranormal (Keeper of the Wolf Clan and Varick: The Reckoning), ménage (Blissful), and contemporary (In 9 Days). I allow the characters to set the story. However, in every one of my works you will find strong but likeable female leads and heartwarming, sometimes even inspiring, love stories.

My erotica is not just about the sex, it’s about the emotion behind the delicious act.

I take my role as storyteller seriously. As much as possible, I conduct personal research so that I speak from experience. When that is not possible, I extensively research the “why, how, and what it feels like”. I want my readers to feel what the characters are experiencing. For me, it’s all about getting the motor purring so that those feelings can transfer to the bedroom.

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