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Congratulations to author Lainie Suzanne on her new release, Book 2 in her Nexus series, SOLEIL!

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Divorced and settled into single life, Debra planned a “Girls Night Out” to rival all, arranging a visit to Nexus, a local BDSM club, for a her best friend Katherine. To their surprise, Katherine catches the eye of the club owner, Isaac, igniting a scorching hot connection that has led to their engagement.

Though she loved her visit to Nexus, Debra has shunned her friend’s invitations to become a member, feeling she would be a third wheel to the engaged couple. Then fate intervenes and Debra gets an invitation to Nexus from someone she can’t deny.

In her mid-forties, Debra is on the verge of experiencing a life she never realized she desired. Her new found erotic fantasies have her exploring life’s most taboo behaviors with not one, but two Alpha males who have stolen her heart. Throwing caution to the wind, Debra embarks on a journey to find love, which could ultimately lead to the destruction of her heart.

Believing she’s found the road to happiness, guilt and shame consume her when a tragic loss thrusts her ex-husband back into her life, dredging up regrets of the past.

Will Debra embrace the new life she’s discovered at Nexus, or will she allow old feelings and close-minded ideals, to derail her happiness and a chance at love?


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author interview

From where do you draw inspirations for Soleil?

From all walks of life. There’s been a lot in the news lately about same-sex marriage and over turning laws that prevent it. I’m a firm believer in everyone having the right to marry the person they love. I took it a step further and made a correlation between the stigma of same-sex marriage and true ménage relationships.

I never intended for Soleil to be a Ménage. My plan was for Patrick and Deb to be together. However, Derek is a strong character that would not be silenced. I tried to push Derek out of the story, out of my mind. I struggled with the storyline. I was beginning to get frustrated.

I had no aversion to ménage, I just didn’t have experience with it, therefore I didn’t believe I could write about it and be faithful to my characters. I researched it and realized ménage means an established domestic household, and in my case it involved three people. It doesn’t have to be sordid and vile, but can be loving and faithful.

Once I accepted Derek would be a part of Deb’s life, along with Patrick, the story just flowed. I learned a valuable lesson…don’t try to manipulate your characters. They will always win.

Who would you consider an influence on your writing?

My husband, first and foremost. He provides great inspiration. I love “research and development”.

Who do you believe is currently doing great work in Erotic Literature?

That is tough… There are so many great authors. I’m amazed at the variety of eroticism that Ella Dominguez and Annabel Joseph write. An example – Ms. Joseph wrote Club Mephisto, which is a dark erotic read that involves TPE, sadism, caging, and punishment, and SO much more. I stalk Mephisto…seriously. Then she writes erotic historicals, Spanking fiction, Erotic Ballet Series, and so much more…storylines sexy and hot, but very different. These two ladies, along with Jenna Jacob, Lexi Blake, and Cherise Sinclair, are my auto – 1 clicks.

What, for you, constitutes “sexy”?

Confidence with a sense of humor.

How has Soleil been received?

It’s been great. Reviews have been great. Most who read Nexus, were anxiously waiting for Soleil and seem to love it as much, if not more. As a new author, it’s hard getting your name out, so I’m ecstatic with the following I’m acquiring.

If you had to summarize in a sentence a piece of advice for a new writer finding his/her way, what would that be?

Be gracious and accessible to your fans.

About Lainie Suzanne

Lainie Suzanne is from Atlanta, Georgia and makes her home in North Carolina. She’s married to her best friend and the love of her life. The mother of four, all flown from the nest. She loves sports, listening to music, dancing, spending time with family, and of course…reading.

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