Book Review – LAST HIT: RELOADED by Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick @_JessicaClare @jensfred

Book Review – LAST HIT: RELOADED by Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick @_JessicaClare @jensfredLast Hit: Reloaded by Jen Frederick, Jessica Clare
Series: Hitman #2.5
Published by: InterMix
on January 20, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Suspense
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There was a time when Nick loved the fear he instilled in his enemies. His tattoos alone promised danger, but it was the look in his eyes that delivered on it. A contract killer since he was just a boy, Nick has now forged a new life and a new identity with the woman who followed him, captured him, and changed him.

He terrified Daisy. Once. But she couldn't resist, and she ignored every warning. It paid off. Now she's part of a new beginning, a fresh start in America helping him to leave behind a reckless and violent past as a professional killer. But the past is never easy to outrun, especially when so much of it thrives on revenge.

A new threat has emerged from the shadows, and now Nick and Daisy have no choice but to rely on Nick's killer skills to protect them from everything they've tried so hard to escape.

my thoughts

Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick are two amazing, talented authors. Put them together and you get the awesomeness that is the Hitman series. Fans of Nick and Daisy will absolutely adore this short, sweet, and erotic novella. This is a short, yet beautiful and suspenseful glimpse into a couple’s life, who are struggling living a normal existence. It’s passionate, it’s intense at times, but an all around satisfying read.

Nick and Daisy have been through so much. All they want is a fresh start, a new life, a normal one. But the past is always there to haunt them. Their brains can’t shut that off and it is crippling their relationship. They both think that they are failing each other, and it just broke my heart. That kind of love, that kind of adoration is hard to find, and it is an ongoing battle to keep it in tact. The violence from their past keeps them on edge and always aware. When a threat emerges from the shadows, Nick and Daisy’s experience and compassion forces them to dive into the madness.

It seems like trying to make friends, wearing the right clothes, and living a normal life is not in the stars for this lovely couple, but in the end, they have each other, and they realize that, that is really all they need to survive.

What starts off as a young couple in love trying to live their lives, turns into a sexy, suspenseful, thrill ride that will make your head spin and your heart beat faster and faster. Last Hit: Reloaded was exactly what the HITMAN fans needed! A great, sexy addition to an amazing, suspenseful series. VERY well done ladies!



About Jen Frederick

Jen Frederick lives with her husband, child, and one rambunctious dog. She’s been reading stories all her life but never imagined writing one of her own. Jen loves to hear from readers so drop her a line at

About Jessica Clare

This is a pen name for Jill Myles.
Jill Myles has been an incurable romantic since childhood. She reads all the ‘naughty parts’ of books first, looks for a dirty joke in just about everything, and thinks to this day that the Little House on the Prairie books should have been steamier.

After devouring hundreds of paperback romances, mythology books, and archaeological tomes, she decided to write a few books of her own – stories with a wild adventure, sharp banter, and lots of super-sexy situations. She prefers her heroes alpha and half-dressed, her heroines witty, and she loves nothing more than watching them overcome adversity to fall into bed together.

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