Book Review – RAZE by Tillie Cole

Book Review – RAZE by Tillie ColeRAZE by Tillie Cole
Published by: Tillie Cole LLC
on December 20, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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 photo TopPick.jpgTo take back life, one must first face death...

One man stripped of his freedom, his morals...his life.

Conditioned in captivity to maim, to kill and to slaughter, prisoner 818 becomes an unremorseful, unrivaled and unstoppable fighter in the ring. Violence is all he knows. Death and brutality are the masters of his fate.

After years of incarceration in an underground hell, only one thought occupies his mind: revenge...bloody, slow and violent revenge.

Revenge on the man who lied.

Revenge on the man who wronged him.

Revenge on the man who condemned him and turned him into this: a rage-fueled killing machine. A monster void of humanity; a monster filled with hate.

And no one will stand in the way of getting what he wants.

One woman stripped of her freedom, her morals...her life.

Kisa Volkova is the only daughter of Kirill ‘The Silencer’ Volkov, head of the infamous ‘Triad’ bosses of New York's Russian Bratva. Her life is protected. In reality, it’s a virtual prison. Her father’s savage treatment of his rivals and his lucrative and coveted underground gambling ring—The Dungeon—ensures too many enemies lurk at their door.

She dreams to be set free.

Kisa has known only cruelty and loss in her short life. As manager of her father’s death match enterprise, only grief and pain fill her days. Her mafia boss father, in her world, rules absolute. And her fiancé, Alik Durov, is no better; the Dungeon’s five-time champion, a stone-cold killer, the treasured son of her father’s best friend, and her very own—and much resented—personal guard. Unrivaled in both strength and social standing, Alik controls every facet of Kisa’s life, dominates her every move; keeps her subdued and dead inside...then one night changes everything.

While working for her church—the only reprieve in her constant surveillance—Kisa stumbles across a tattooed, scarred, but stunningly beautiful homeless man on the streets. Something about him stirs feelings deep within her; familiar yet impossibly forbidden desires. He doesn’t talk. Doesn’t communicate with anyone. He’s a man beyond saving, and a man she must quickly forget...for both their sakes.

But when weeks later, out of the blue and to her complete surprise, he’s announced as the replacement fighter in The Dungeon, Kisa knows she’s in a whole lot of trouble. He’s built, ripped and lethally unforgiving to his opponents, leaving fear in his wake and the look of death in his eyes.

Kisa becomes obsessed with him. Yearns for him. Craves his touch. Needs to possess this mysterious man...this man they call Raze.

Dark Contemporary Romance. Contains explicit sexual situations, excessive violence, disturbingly sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language and mature topics. Recommended for age 18 years and up.

my thoughts

I am completely overwhelmed with so many emotions after finishing this masterpiece of a read! This devastating, heart-breaking, emotionally breathtaking story will forever be embedded in my heart and in my mind. No review will ever be able to do this book justice, but I will tell you my thoughts anyway.

First of all, how the hell have I not known about this author?!?! It is driving me crazy that I didn’t discover Tillie Cole sooner! With creating a book like RAZE, I want nothing more than to go 1-Click every damn book this author has written, and you know what, I think I will!

First thing that drew me in…the book cover! I mean, HOT DAMN! I didn’t even need to read the synopsis, nope, I would have just gone on the cover alone. Second thing that drew me in and cemented me to my chair and paralyzed me for the rest of the night, the prologue. This intense, dark, troubling prologue sets up, to what is sure to be, a sensationally tough and addicting read. And let me tell you, it was THAT and so much MORE!

This character, RAZE he goes by, completely and utterly destroyed me. His story, his struggles, his undeniable pains, crushed me to bits, until I was nothing but a pile of ashes waiting for a gust of wind to blow me away. This was so thought-provoking, and had me in such emotional turmoil, I don’t think I took a breath during the entire book!

Talk about two of the most complex, beautiful characters I have ever read about. Both are in situations they can’t get out of. Both are just wanting to be set free, and when they are together, the intense, animalistic, primal chemistry that they have with each other just blew me away and gave me goosebumps. It made me CRAVE that kind of connection with another human being. These strangers can’t deny the pull they have on one another, they can’t deny that somehow, even going through the HELL they are going through, there is a light to keep them from complete darkness. There is a lifeboat to keep them from sinking. There is another soul that can possibly make them whole again.

RAZE was completely captivating. I didn’t get up, look away, fall asleep throughout this entire read. I just couldn’t. Nothing could have pulled me away from such an outstanding, dark, erotic read. I need you to make sure you heed the warning that is at the beginning of this book. Some parts are hard to read. Some parts you don’t even want to think about, but you are entranced with the pages, that you can’t possibly look away. Be sure you can handle this, because it is not for the faint of heart. There are parts that are disturbing, but parts that are beautiful. I admit, I broke down emotionally a couple of times, but that is what makes a read like this so damn great! I applaud Tillie Cole for creating such a masterpiece! She knows what her fans want, and she delivers with no hesitations. Bravo Ms. Cole. You have created another SUPER FAN!

Love couple


About Tillie Cole

Tillie Cole is a Northern girl through and through. She originates from a place called Teesside on that little but awesomely sunny (okay I exaggerate) Isle called Great Britain. She was brought up surrounded by her English rose mother — a farmer’s daughter, her crazy Scottish father, a savagely sarcastic sister and a multitude of rescue animals and horses.

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  1. I saw this cover on my Kindle app page under recommended reads today. And then I saw your Facebook post and read your review. I’m in. I need to read this.