Guest Book Review – WHISTLIN’ DIXIE by Maggie Adams

Guest Book Review – WHISTLIN’ DIXIE by Maggie AdamsWhistlin' Dixie by Maggie Adams
Series: Tempered Steel #1
on November 30, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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A man on a mission....

Mackenzie Coalson was determined to rebuild his hometown after a devastating flood left it in ruins. He has no time for a relationship and all the romantic junk that goes with it. He has a vandal to catch and no sweet smelling bundle of femininity is going to sway him.

A woman protecting her family.....

Dixie Harris charged into the county sheriff's office with a sassy sway and a smart mouth, eager to give the sheriff, and anyone else, a piece of her mind. When she locks horns with the devil himself, in the form of Mac Coalson, she quickly learns he has a temper to rival hers, even if he's the living epitome of her sexual fantasies.

When the two unite to catch a potential murderer, it's in everyone's best interest to keep it, "business only". But that's hard to do when their combined attraction is volatile enough to burn down the town.


Mackenzie “Mac” Coalson is on a mission to rebuild his beloved community after a tragic flood destroyed almost the entire town. He has no room in his life for anything other than carrying out this mission, especially since there has been vandalism on several of his job sites which is slowing down his progress.

Dixie Harris and her teenage brother Jamie moved to Grafton after their grandfather passed away. Her goal is to keep Jamie on the straight and narrow until he graduates high school and focus on her job as the new Kindergarten teacher.

Jamie is arrested for vandalizing one of Mac’s construction sites and when Dixie and Mac meet, sparks fly. Neither prepared to face off of fiery tempers of equal proportions nor the sexual attraction.

Mac is truly an alpha male. Strong, stubborn and believes everyone will bend to his will. There were times he was a bit too condescending to the opposite sex. However, most of the time he behaved that way on purpose to get under Dixie’s skin. Which he does is spades. His temper can be a bit off-putting at times, but he seems to always make it up with his soft word and in rare cases a demonstration of his softer side. Dixie is a smart and very sassy woman. She can take on Mac’s temper and give it right back.  There were sweet and funny moments in the book that made me laugh:

“What is it with you and the whole stalking like an animal thins”- Dixie

“Maybe you bring out the animal in me, baby”- Mac

“Really? That’s the line you’re going with?- Dixie

“Hey, you put me on the spot. I can’t think straight when you’re standing there all sweet and naked”- Mac

This book even had some great secondary characters like Mac’s brother Chance who is known as the “Casanova of the County” who is cheesy, but in a charming way.

“Doing fine now that you’re here, sunshine. You brightened up my day. Care to light up my nights”- Chance

This was a sweet and sexy book. Definitely PG-13, but not NC-17. I would recommend it.


About Maggie Adams

I live in Southern Illinois with my high school sweetheart and two terrific kids. I’ve always loved books and dreamed of one day making writing my career. Life happens while dreaming but I never gave up. I believe humor can be found in the most awkward situations as my family can attest, and happily ever after is work but true love is worth it.

In addition to contemporary romance, I also write paranormal romance, erotic romance, and women’s fiction.

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