Book Review – BOUND OBSESSION by Veronica Wilder

Book Review – BOUND OBSESSION by Veronica WilderBound Obsession by Veronica Wilder
Series: Club Taboo #1
on January 6, 2015
Genres: BDSM, Erotic Romance
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Abigail Fuller is flat broke and terrified. Heeding the advice of her best friend, she enters Club Taboo in the role of a full-service escort.

Catching the eye of Patrick Dorson, she is swiftly driven into a world of pleasure and pain. But will Patrick's rival claim her for his own? Or will her new lover's jealous nature spoil any chance at happiness?

Follow Abigail as she embarks on the adventure of her young life. Her erotic decent will ignite passions, you didn't know existed!

Follow Abby as she has a LOT to learn about becoming a submissive but it's clear she's willing and eager to do so.

WARNING: This BDSM Erotic Fantasy Will Have You Melting Like Butter In The Sun!  "Bound Obsession" Will Rock Your World and Awaken Your Innermost Fantasies


Abigail (Abby) Fuller cannot seem to get a better paying job than her current position as a waitress. She is running out of money and time, she is terrifies she will soon be on the streets. Her friend Mariah offers her a way to make more money than Abby even dreamed of. Before she knows it she is free-falling into a role of a full service escort at a BDSM club and has caught the eye of sexy, affluent and dominant Patrick Dorson. He shows Abby a whole new meaning of pleasure in pain.

The premise was a bit cliché, but the dynamics between Patrick and Walter surprised me in a good way. That part of the book made the book feel more original even with a saturated premise. I thoroughly enjoyed Patrick. He was brooding and charming in a tortured soul kind of way. Abby for me was a bit too winey. It is possible for a woman to be submissive without being a doormat or bratty. However, I like how the course of her journey with Patrick changed her into a stronger woman. I would have liked more character development. There just wasn’t enough there for me to really get into the characters. This was a pretty short story, 94 pages. If the book would have been extended to add a little more layers to the characters I know I would have been hooked.

Talk about scorching sex scenes… Wow… my only critique is there were some original descriptive words that just didn’t work. Felt kind of sleazy not sexy.  All in all I liked the book. It was a quick fun and steamy read.


About Veronica Wilder

Veronica Wilder was born in New York and grew up with
3 older Brothers. (Who have no idea what she writes.)

After getting a Philosophy degree, she decided to go
after her rather unconventional dream of becoming an erotica writer.

She recently settled down in Michigan and spends her time reading, writing & spending time with her husband.

Veronica does most of her writing in her lake house, which gives her the solitude to explore her fantasies.

Her only message to her readers is, “I hope you enjoy
my passion. :)”

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