ARC Review – NAUGHTY KING, A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale Part One by Michelle A. Valentine @M_A_Valentine

ARC Review – NAUGHTY KING, A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale Part One by Michelle A. Valentine @M_A_ValentineNaughty King by Michelle A. Valentine
Series: A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale,
on March 17, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Erotic Romance
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The King Always Gets His Way.

Women, business, pleasure: When I want it, I get it.

I’m never denied.

Including her.

I will break her.

I will show her who the king of this city really is.

The Feisty Princess of Manhattan will learn I am not a man that can be tempted.

No matter how fucking bad I want her in my bed.


Wow! Now this is a fairy tale I can get on board with! The Naughty King and The Feisty Princess…a match made in Heaven or Hell? You decide!

These two are playing a very dangerous game. I’m thrilled to see who will come out on top.

Sexy, provocative, and feisty, The Naughty King is sure to be a crowd pleaser. This is just a small taste of what’s to come and I’m already addicted to Alexander and his dirty, dirty mouth. Bring it on Ms. Valentine. BRING. IT. ON.

Are you ladies ready to meet the next super sexy alpha male you will LOVE to HATE?

Part one of this Sexy Manhattan Fairytale starts off with a bang! It brought an instant smirk to my face, and I thought to myself, oh yeah, I am in for one wild ride! The all mighty, cocky, sexy womanizer, Alexander King has met his match, and she is showing no signs of stopping. He always gets what he wants. She always gets what she wants. Interesting pair, these two. They have this love/hate, push/pull, sexy banter type of thing going, and it is SEXY AS HELL! Alexander and Margo are both playing to win, they both have motives. Who will come out on top?

What a fantastic first installment! I adore Michelle A. Valentine’s dirty-talkin’ alpha males. She knows just want to write to lure her readers in to this sexy new world. I’m extremely curious of Alexander’s past. He’s tough. He’s cocky. He is a total asshole at times, but you can tell there is more to his story, and you just know that the feisty Princess of Manhattan will end up conquering her King in the end.

Get ready to get burned with one helluva cliffhanger people! It is a doozie! But, oh so freaking hilarious!

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About Michelle A. Valentine

Michelle A. Valentine is a Central Ohio nurse turned New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of erotic and New Adult romance. Her love of hard-rock music, tattoos, and sexy musicians inspired her erotic BLACK FALCON series.

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