Release & Review Blitz – FALLING FOR HIS BEST FRIEND by Katee Robert @katee_robert

Release & Review Blitz – FALLING FOR HIS BEST FRIEND by Katee Robert @katee_robert

Release & Review Blitz – FALLING FOR HIS BEST FRIEND by Katee Robert @katee_robertFalling for His Best Friend by Katee Robert
Series: Out of Uniform #2
Published by: Entangled: Brazen
on May 19, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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When Avery Yeung decides to stop waiting around for life to align to get pregnant, her best friend Drew convinces her that he’s the only man for the job. Fans of Nicolette Day’s No Strings Attached or Maisey Yates’s Unexpected, will devour the sexy addition to the Out of Uniform series by NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author Katee Robert.

Avery Yeung’s biological clock just went off early. Thanks to her family’s medical history, she’s running out of time to get knocked up. And the only guy within donating distance? Her overprotective—and irritatingly hot—best friend. So clearly she needs an anonymous donor…

Anonymous donor? Over Sheriff Drew Flannery’s dead body. While daddyhood will never be in the cards for a man with his past, Drew won’t let Avery shop for a “popsicle pop.” He’ll do what’s right for his best friend by doing his best friend. But only if they do it properly.

But there’s nothing “proper” about it. Between the bed, the kitchen counter, and against his squad car, Avery and Drew are having the hottest sex ever. They can’t get enough of it—or each other. And without knowing it, they’ve crossed the one line that could ruin their friendship forever…


Friends to lovers has got to be one of my favorite romance tropes out there. There is just something about two people who already have that solid foundation to take that relationship to the next level that makes it so relatable to me. Taking that step is always so scary, sexy, and exciting. Katee Robert’s newest release in her Out of Uniform series presents us with this fascinating instance. Two best friends who have been through everything together step up to that blurry line between loving someone and being ‘in love’ with someone. As Avery and Drew step closer and closer to that line, feelings that were buried, or feelings that were not completely realized until now, come to fruition. The fact that it was so easy for them to cross this said line, confirms that there always was something more between the two best friends. Once they have a taste of that ‘something more’ they not only cross that line, they totally and completely obliterate it.

“If you’re trying to distract me and throw me off my game, you win. You win it all.”
“Sweetheart, I have you naked and in my arms. I know I win it all.”

On the surface, yes, they are both doing this because of Avery’s need to have a baby on a fast track timeline due to her family’s genes. Yes, the sex is incredible, intense, and more than they could have ever imagines. But in the end, it always comes down to that foundation that was formed through their friendship. They started to need more from each other than just amazing sex. Avery starts to see a whole other side to Drew. Drew starts to see a better future for himself, he sees a family. This is a man so frightened of the future because he comes from such a terrible past. He’s suffered through so much loss, he wouldn’t survive losing Avery. But in this story of hope, this story of unconditional love, this story of taking risks; Drew Flannery decides to take a risk on Avery, on his best friend, on his soul mate. Avery has dealt with her fair share of loss as well, and this man, her rock, has always been there for her. He deserves, they both deserve to take this risk on each other.

All throughout this friends to lovers romance, you feel the character’s struggles, their feelings, and their doubts. It’s fear that is keeping them from moving past sex, but it’s the fear of losing that foundation that ultimately helps them to realize it’s more than love that connects them. It’s absolute true love and once they have a taste, there will be no going back.

FALLING FOR HIS BEST FRIEND was a great love story. It was sexy and fun, emotional at times and easy-going at others. I enjoyed that the author introduced us to some character diversity with the heroine. That is always refreshing and shakes it up a bit. In my history of reading this author’s work, Ms. Robert never fails to give us something to smile and swoon about. This story needed an epilogue and I’m so glad the author delivered on that front. It is one that will definitely get you excited for what is to come in this series.



Please welcome author Katee Robert to Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads! Ms. Robert is here today to share a little bit about her writing process and give us a sneak peak at Drew and Avery!

It’s a Process

When I first started writing, I devoured probably a dozen How To books on the process. It quickly became apparent that the journey of putting words to page in an effort to tell a story wasn’t a cut and dried thing. It’s different for everyone. Since then, I’ve become totally and completely fascinated by the variety of processes that authors have.

For me, mine has evolved over time. When I started, I was a hardcore pantser. I couldn’t tell you what was going to happen next until it actually happened. There’s something so freeing—and terrifying—about that.

But, once you get published, your editor likes this little thing called a synopsis. It’s a really useful tool to be able to pick out any large problems before you actually write the book… Which means I need to know what happens before I even start it. So THAT was a learning process.

These days, I’m what some people call a planster. I can write the synopsis (and I’m one of those freaks of nature who actually enjoys them), but it’s very rare that a book will stick to it 100%. Usually around the halfway mark the characters do something that surprises me and the ending completely changes.

Of course, even that isn’t a hard and fast rule. For FALLING FOR HIS BEST FRIEND, for example, all I knew going in was that the book was about Drew and Avery, and that it was a baby-of-convenience book. Yes, I more or less made up a trope for it. So I went in, downright gleeful, and wrote the book and turned it in.

Then I got my edits back.

Edits are funny things sometimes. I know most of my weaknesses as an author, so often the things pointed out aren’t a surprise, but this one required some really strange maneuvering. See, my editor LOVED pretty much every single scene…but they were in completely the wrong order for the book to work.

Yeah, that was the strangest editing process I’ve been through before or since. I felt a bit like Dr. Frankenstein, dismantling my book so I could put it back together again. Happily, my editor loved the changes, and so did I!

As a little special something, meet Drew and Avery!


There was something else, though. Something that smelled suspiciously like onions. She stopped short in the archway into her kitchen. “What are you doing?”

Drew glanced up, a giant knife in his hand. “I’m chopping vegetables.”

Yeah, which was what had her scared. “Dude, you can’t cook.”
“No shit, really?” He rolled his eyes. “I wasn’t going to touch your blessed stove. I just figured I’d get things started so you had less to do when you got home. Coffee?”

Avery was afraid to step into the kitchen and be sucked into whatever alternate dimension that had spit out this domestic version of Drew. She took a step sideways, searching the room for evidence of something terrible having happened—like a personality-changing blow to the head. “Who did you kill?”


“Seriously, whose body do you need help burying in the woods?”

The confusion in his blue eyes cleared. “If I had to bury a body, I wouldn’t call your ass. Your damn Jeep would probably break down in the middle of nowhere and we’d get stranded—and caught.”

“Bite your tongue. The Beast would never do such a thing.” She stepped into the kitchen and accepted the cup he offered. If he was verbally sparring with her, then things couldn’t be that shitty. “So, what’s the deal? You usually show up and demand to be fed, and then hang out drinking my beer while I do all the work.”

“Only because after the last time, you threatened to cut off my hand if I touched anything in here again.”

“You lit my house on fire! I thought Ryan was supposed to be the pyro in the family.”

Drew shrugged. “It was only a tiny grease fire.”

“You burnt up my curtains.”

“You never liked those curtains to begin with. And I did buy you new ones.” He put on his most charming smile, the one that she called the panty-dropper after seeing it charm women into coming home with him from Chilly’s more times than she really wanted to think about. It was a good look for him, with his longish, curly dark hair, five o’clock shadow, and piercing blue eyes. She’d never told him it affected her on nearly the same level, too. There’d be no living with him if he knew.

Besides, being with Drew like that wasn’t in the cards for her.



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About Katee Robert

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Katee Robert learned to tell her stories at her grandpa’s knee. She found romance novels at age twelve and it changed her life. When not writing sexy contemporary and speculative fiction romance novels, she spends her time playing imaginary games with her wee ones, driving her husband batty with what-if questions, and planning for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

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