ARC Review – THE CONFESSION by Sierra Kincade @SierraKincade

ARC Review – THE CONFESSION by Sierra Kincade @SierraKincadeThe Confession by Sierra Kincade
Published by: BERKLEY Publishing Group
on May 5, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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The hot and thrilling conclusion to the Body Work Trilogy, following The Masseuse and The Distraction

Anna Rossi walked away from Alec Flynn to keep her family and friends safe. But she can’t protect her heart from him, no matter how hard she tries…

Time has done nothing to quell Anna’s need for Alec. She knows that she did the right thing walking away; the constant media attention that Alec’s been getting for testifying against Maxim Stein and Force Enterprises is evidence enough of that. But no matter how many times she warns herself that Alec is dangerous, she just can’t stay away—even after her connection to him once again threatens her life…

Alec knows the evidence he has against Max could stop him from hurting anyone ever again. But when it’s revealed that Alec stands to inherit everything from Max’s loss, his testimony is called into question—and Max could walk free putting Anna in harms’ ways once again. Now he’s beginning to wonder if any of this is even worth it—and if he and Anna will ever have a chance at true happiness…


THE CONFESSION by Sierra Kincade was a heart pounding, wildly erotic, fantastic conclusion to a superb trilogy. Anna and Alec are two characters that will forever be embedded in my heart. These two have been through Hell and back and they deserve their happily ever after, and this author delivered it in a beautiful and captivating way. I am forever grateful that I took a chance on this (new to me) author. I would’ve been heartbroken if I missed out on this intriguing love story.

In the conclusion of book two in the trilogy, our hearts were broken when Anna walked away from Alec’s dangerous life. She also walked out on the other half of her heart. She gave everything she had to this man, but when he brings danger and complications to her family and friends, sacrifices must be made. Alec was her light, her anchor, her soul. To walk away from all of that breaks something inside of you. Anna was free from Alec, but she was left empty, broken, and alone. Everywhere that Anna looks, she is reminded of the intense passion that they once shared. But how long can you stay away from a love like that? No matter what she tells herself, no matter how much danger she is in, she can’t seem to stay away. But being back in Alec’s arms comes with a price. There is an enemy out there that will do anything to shut Anna and Alec up for good.

Receiving this book early has its pros and cons. I missed these characters like crazy. I missed the intense passion that flew off the pages overtime these two are together. Reading this book was bittersweet for me, because I didn’t want it to end. I tried to read slowly and soak up every word, but with such beautiful and steamy scenes and enough suspense to keep me on my toes at all times, I couldn’t do it. I went full steam ahead reading this book, because with every word and every scene it kept getting better and better. This had a wonderful epilogue and a heartwarming ending that will leave you with such hope and contentment.




About Sierra Kincade

Sierra Kincaid lives in the Midwest with her husband and son. When she’s not writing naughty books, she loves eating chocolate cupcakes, binge-watching cable series, and singing loudly in the car. She wholeheartedly believes that love stories are real, and you should never choose a partner who doesn’t make you laugh.

A few of Sierra’s favorite things:

Bad boys with dirty mouths – English Breakfast tea with two packets of Sugar in the Raw – any movie or show with a choreographed dance routine – cinnamon toast – kids who say funny things – friends who raid her pantry without asking – bootleg jeans – making lists – old Garth Brooks songs – and of course, massages.

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