ARC Review – GOAL LINE by Bianca Sommerland @BSommerland

ARC Review – GOAL LINE by Bianca Sommerland @BSommerlandGoal Line by Bianca Sommerland
Series: The Dartmouth Cobras #7
Published by: Self Published
on June 29, 2015
Genres: BDSM, Erotic Romance, Hockey Romance
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The goal doesn't count until it crosses the line.

Captain of the Dartmouth Cobras hockey team, Dominik Mason, believes his team can make a damn good playoff run. He and his men won't stop fighting until they win the ultimate prize. There's no doubt when it comes to The Game.

Off the ice, there's nothing but uncertainty. His life has been in a holding pattern and it's time to move on. Which might be easier without the lifestyle that has lost its appeal. As much as he loved training subs, he's tired of giving his all only to go home alone.

Tragedy once brought him closer to Sahara Dionne, the exquisite, yet fragile Ice Girl, but when her abusive-ex darkens her path once again, Dominik can't help but wonder if his friendship might not be the best thing for her.

But she craves his touch, his dominance, and his possession. Everything he desires is finally within his reach.

All he has to do is take the shot.

Author's Note: The Cobras series has a continuing arc about the franchise, players, and previous relationships. Some plots continue through the series and may involve more than the main ménage. The series is best read in order.


It’s pretty rare to find a series where book after book never disappoints, never fails to capture my attention and bring me to tears. The Dartmouth Cobras is not only one of these exceptional occurrences, it’s also a series that transports me to another place, a place of no worries, no regrets – a place full of passion, intensity, and longing. The outside world does not exist when I immerse myself into these stories.

I find myself falling head over heels for these amazing characters that Sommerland brings to life on such an amazing level. Dominik Mason is one of those characters. Fans of the series have been waiting ever so patiently for this incredible man’s happily ever after. For the past couple of years, he has been surrounded by darkness, not really knowing who he is, or what kind of man he wants to be. He pines for woman and a relationship he can no longer have. He craves someone of his own, someone he can claim – mind, body, and soul. He ends up finding his light in a friend. Sahara Dionne is the woman who brings our boy back to life. With the intense connection between these two there is no time for walls to build up around their hearts. Together they test their limits, build trust, and learn that happiness IS possible.

Thank you Ms. Sommerland for giving our boy the HEA he deserves. With these books, I never feel like I do them justice when I’m writing reviews for them. When books take you on such an amazing journey, and the amount of emotions that they bring out of you is indescribable, it’s incredible hard to layout all of your feelings in to a review. With Sommerland’s books, from the very beginning, they have all touched my heart, and I can guarantee they have changed me in some way or another. I’m incredibly grateful that I found Sommerland and her books. She is an amazing writer, storyteller, and human being. I feel like her characters are family to me, and that is something I will never forget.

Goal Line


About Bianca Sommerland

Bianca Sommerland was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. When not reading neurotically or writing as though the fate of the world rests on her keyboard, she is either watching hockey or teaching her daughters the beauty of a classic, steel pony while reminiscing about her days in Auto Body Mechanics.

Her time is balanced with utmost care between normal family life, and the internal paranormal realm where her characters reside. For the most part, she succeeds.

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