Book Tour: Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway – FIGHTING SHADOWS by Aly Martinez @AlyMartinezAuth

Book Tour: Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway – FIGHTING SHADOWS by Aly Martinez @AlyMartinezAuthFighting Shadows by Aly Martinez
Series: On the Ropes #2
Published by: Self Published
on July 7, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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I come from a family of fighters. I always thought I’d follow in their shadows, becoming unstoppable in the ring. That changed the day I saved the life of a woman I loved, but could never have.

 My brother hailed me as a hero, and my reward was a wheelchair.

 Paralyzed, my life became an inescapable nightmare.

 Until I met her.

 Ash Mabie had a heart-stopping smile and a laugh that numbed the rage and resentment brewing inside of me. She showed me that even the darkest night still had stars, and it didn’t matter one bit that you had to lie in the weeds to see them.

 I was a jaded asshole who fell for a girl with a knack for running away. I couldn’t even walk but I would have spent a lifetime chasing her.

 Now, I’m on the ropes during the toughest battles of my life.

Fighting the shadows of our past.

Fighting to reclaim my future.

Fighting for her.



I don’t even know what to say right now…..oh YES I do….this was fucking spectacular! Aly KILLED it! I didn’t think it was possible to surpass greatness, but I think Flint and Ash’s story is my favorite read of this authors TO DATE! Oh, ALL. THE. FEELS. All of the laughs. All of the tears. I couldn’t look away. I couldn’t get enough. Just amazing! FIGHTING SHADOWS…easily one of the best reads of the year!

OMG! The freaking prologue gave me a sense of how much this book would annihilate me. I believe there was an audible gasp or two while reading the last sentence. We are reliving that awful night with Flint and every time it just breaks my heart. That night changed something in him. It’s like he went willingly into the darkness and never fully returned to the light. Until he meets Ash Mabie. Ash was an amazing female lead. She is just one of those free spirits. She is beautiful, hilarious, and just crazy as hell, and I LOVED her. She is smart, sassy, and has absolutely NO FILTER! She was the perfect match for Flint’s character. She mellowed him out, gave him some balance, it was just crazy good chemistry there.

Get ready for one emotional ride people. Flint will rip your heart out with his demons. This story is about a man who is in the fight of his life, a fight with himself. He is constantly beating himself up for things he cannot change. He always wants to be alone with his demons and it is just incredibly heart breaking. And I can’t get over how good Aly’s writing is. She brings so much emotion onto the pages. So much so, that you feel Flint’s pain, his sorrow, and his determination like you are one with him. It’s just completely unreal and so so beautiful.

Eventually, Flint’s past and his hang ups pushes away the only woman who can save him, the only woman who can bring light back into his life, the only woman who can breathe life back into his soul. Losing her also brought back his determination, his motivation to live and to see that she ends up back in his arms for good. He will stop at nothing to find the other half of his heart. Ash thought her happily ever after only existed in her dreams. Flint Page is determined to make her dreams come true.

Oh! That Epilogue! Talk about a tear jerker! I know I said that Flint’s story will wreck me, and boy did it. After reading Fighting Shadows and getting a look at Quarry’s story, I have no doubt that Fighting Solitude, the next book in the series, will completely obliterate my emotions! Aly Martinez has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Her writing is addicting. Her characters just amaze me, and the depth of emotions that are embedded in the pages continue to blow my mind. FIGHTING SHADOWS has easily made my TOP PICK list for the year!


FightingShadows Teaser 2


I dropped to my hands and knees, following the noise. “Got it!” I shouted, stretching my arm under the bed and barely catching the alarm clock with the tips of my fingers.

I quickly turned it off, and he had apparently found the second alarm, because the room fell blessedly silent. Well, that was until I heard Flint breathe, “Fuck,” from behind me.

It was then that I remembered I was naked and kneeling with my chest to the carpeted floor and my ass sticking straight up in the air. I glanced over my shoulder to find him standing, staring down at me, his already large cock thickening between his legs—a sight that had me returning his curse.

“Don’t move,” he commanded when I started to sit up.

As Flint’s heated eyes leveled me, there was a part of me that felt as though I should have covered up. But I didn’t feel insecure at all. Under his gaze, I felt more secure and wanted than I had in my entire life, and for that alone, I pressed my ass even higher into the air.

“I lied. Get on the bed, but right back in that position.”

First, I had other plans. I sat up but didn’t push to my feet. Instead, I spun on my knees and slowly crawled over to him.

“Don’t do that,” he warned, but his eyes said otherwise.

“I have a few apologies to make.” I licked my lips.

“On the bed, Ash.”

“No,” I responded.

He arched an admonishing eyebrow, which I ignored.

“You did a lot of things to me last night—things I loved. But there was something I wanted to do.” I wrapped my hand around his hard-on, steadily gliding to the tip and back again. “I’m going to suggest you sit down.”

And for once, Flint didn’t have a retort. He backed up to the edge of the bed and dropped his crutches to the floor. I smiled in victory as I followed him forward, running my hands up his thighs until I reached the base of his cock. Then I lowered my head to kiss the tip.

“Wait,” he urged.

But I was done taking his orders. I slid his length as deep as possible into my mouth. “Fuck,” he hissed.

“Wait,” he repeated as I glided back up his shaft. He pulled me upright before bending forward to kiss my shoulder. Using my chin to tip my head, he forced my eyes to his. “I said wait.” He chastely kissed my mouth and teased his hands down my sides to rest on my hips.

Then the ground below my knees disappeared and the entire world turned upside down.


A loud laugh escaped my throat as Flint flipped me onto the bed to join him. He juggled me like a rag doll until he until he found a position that suited him—kneeling over his face.

I stopped laughing immediately when his mouth sealed over my clit.

Then I cried out as his long finger found my opening. His other hand darted between us and lifted his cock toward my mouth.

With a swirl of his tongue, he dropped his head to the bed long enough to say, “Now, apologize all you like while I have breakfast.”

I gasped as his fingers began a rhythm inside me that left me unable to focus on anything else.

“Are you sore?”

“A little.” I managed to pull myself together long enough to find his cock again. But I instantly regretted my answer when he removed his finger.

“Then you come on my mouth, but you better get busy.” He swatted my ass deliciously hard before using each cheek to pull me down to hover only a centimeter from his mouth. “Because I’m coming in yours too.” He pulled me down until I completely covered his face, licking and sucking in a deep and greedy way I should have been embarrassed by.

But embarrassment would have required thoughts, and right then, every single brain cell I possessed had abandoned me in the hunt for climax.

I came on his mouth, all right. Then, when I finally got my act together, he came in mine as well. And Flint being Flint, well, he was such an overachiever that he insisted on showing me exactly how much he accepted my sexual apologies. So, before I fell asleep on his chest, I came one last time with his hand between my legs.

I decided I could live with two alarm clocks if that was the wake-up call they provided.


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Originally from Savannah, Georgia, USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez now lives in South Carolina with her four young children.

Never one to take herself too seriously, she enjoys cheap wine, mystery leggings, and baked feta. It should be known, however, that she hates pizza and ice cream, almost as much as writing her bio in the third person.

She passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a super-sized tumbler of wine by her side.

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