Review – THE SCENE, Part One by Roxy Sloane @Roxy_Sloane

Review – THE SCENE, Part One by Roxy Sloane @Roxy_SloaneThe Scene by Roxy Sloane
Series: The Scene,
Published by: Self-published
on July 13, 2015
Genres: Erotic Romance
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Miami. The city of sex, sin — and secrets.

I came here with one mission: solve the mystery behind my brother’s death.
Somebody’s got answers.
Somewhere, I’ll find what I’m looking for.

I didn’t bet on Xavier. He’s my way into the scene — and my biggest threat.
I should keep my distance, but I can’t stay away.

I'm playing with fire, and I just pray I don't get burned.


The GODDESS of Serials is BACK!!! AND she just kicked my ass with this ending! You know it’s coming, and yet it still surprises the FUCK out of you every single time! HOT DAMN woman! You are a master!

HOT HOT HOT! Everything about Book 1 is HOT! Roxy Sloane blows me away with how amazing her writing is, and how easily she hooks me with her characters and fast-paced story lines. It’s angsty, it’s erotic as all hell, AND we get a hero who is a sexy mystery! Don’t mind me…I fell like I have to use an exclamation point after every sentence because I’m so freaking exciting for this series! This will go by so quick, so be sure and savor the awesomeness that is Roxy’s newest baby. From the very beginning I kept look at the bottom corner of my Kindle watching the percentage fly by, and all the while I was willing it to slow down. I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to learn more! No! I NEEDED to know more! But in typical Sloane fashion, she gives us an ending that drops our jaws to the goddamn floor! Oh and you know what…my jaw is still on that floor! It will be there until I can get my grubby little hands on Part Two!

Nicole and Xavier’s story starts off HOT, filled with page after page of simmering sexual tension and ends with a WTF moment that will make you throw your head back and scream! I LOVED it! I CRAVE more! Don’t deny me this Roxy Sloane. You publish Part Two and you publish it now! For the LOVE of God, give it to us gently, pretty please!

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About Roxy Sloane

Roxy Sloane is a romance junkie with a dirty mind. She lives in Los Angeles with her hot ex-military hubby and her two kids. She loves writing sexy, complex stories about pushing the boundaries and risking it all.

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