ARC Review – MASTERED BY THE MAVERICKS by Angel Payne @AngelPayneWrtr

ARC Review – MASTERED BY THE MAVERICKS by Angel Payne @AngelPayneWrtr

I received this book for free from the Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

ARC Review – MASTERED BY THE MAVERICKS by Angel Payne @AngelPayneWrtrMastered By The Mavericks by Angel Payne
Series: The WILD Boys of Special Forces #8
Published by: Self Published
on December 1, 2015
Genres: BDSM, Erotic Romance, Military
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The first step to solving a problem…

Brynna Monet is on a man diet for the rest of her life. No more G men, spies, or soldiers, period. Willpower comes easily from the scars on her heart, left by a string of dominant bad boys who have all asked too high a price for her passion: her trust.
But what ransom will she give for her best friend’s life?
When the unspeakable happens, Brynn insists on courting temptation in every hot, dangerous sense of the word—times two. In order to save her friend from the captivity of a madman, Brynn is assigned as a secret consultant on one of the military’s riskiest missions, working with a pair of the Special Forces’ most notorious bad boys: Rhett Lange and Rebel Stafford.

…is admitting you’ve got one.
From the moment Brynn lands in the middle of a Texas wilderness with these two, she questions the sanity of her decision—and the survival of her willpower. Like the most decadent dominant dessert, Rhett and Rebel embody everything her body craves—and her spirit fears. Their control unravels her fantasies, their command exposes her desire…and their courage, with themselves as well as the monster they chase, moves her heart.
But, like all dreams-come-true, it’s temporary.

Though Brynn submits to her lovers, she knows better than to give up her trust—until the fate of the mission hinges on exactly that. Can Brynn face her biggest fear to save a friend’s life—but still know her soul at the end?


Angel Payne gives us a good combination of romantic suspense and BDSM romance in her latest installment of her Military Romance series – The WILD Boys of Special Forces. There is sweetness and tenderness, along with intensity and passion. Brynna, Rhett, and Rebel are not my favorite characters in this series, but they held their in own okay, and kept me engaged with their HOT chemistry and feisty banter. Ménage romances are tough to write. Sometimes it’s hard to follow dual POV’s in a story, and now you add-on a third and if you’re not careful, it could get jumbled and you could easily lose the reader’s attention. I’m a pretty intense reader, and it’s usually not hard for me to follow along, but in this one, I did have some trouble. An easy fix would have been to place the character’s name before the chapter begins. I’ve seen it in other reads, and it helped immensely.

The thing that didn’t make this a 4 or 5 star read for me was the slow storyline. They went on a mission to save Brynna’s best friend from danger, but once they had a taste of each other, that mission went out the window. All thoughts of the woman that they were supposed to save vanished under lust and passion. The sex and BDSM play was ridiculously HOT, but there could have been some more emotion geared towards their target.

All in all, a delightful and sexy read. There were slow, drawn-out parts, but nothing that would deter me from finishing the read. I LOVED the beginning of the story. It was SO GOOD to hear familiar names again, and Shay Bommer destroyed my heart in this one. I could feel his pain and suffering through the pages. One thing that you might miss is the relationship between Rhett and Rebel. At the beginning you are left to wonder what kind of feelings they have for each other. Yes, they are best friends and brothers, but is their more there? When it all came to light, I confess, I got a little giddy. No matter what I will continue reading this series and hoping for more. Angel Payne does great military romance with heart, and this was a definite pleasure to read.

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About Angel Payne

Hi there. I’m Angel: book lover, writing addict, hopeless romantic, pop culture geek and avid shoe lover.

A bit about me…

I’ve been hooked on books since I was a kid but it got worse in my twenties, when I discovered romances–the hotter, the better. Growing up in Southern California, with lots of surfer manliness surrounded me, was certainly a good boost for reading about delicious alpha guys and the women who adore them. When I learned I had a knack for telling these stories too, I guess you could say I was doomed–though my path toward romance novelist took a few detours via a concert-reviewing gig for my college newspaper (free show tickets…backstage passes…that was a no-brainer), artist interviews for a Beverly Hills dance music mag, personal assistant work for a record producer, dance club disc jockey, and a lot of fun in the hospitality industry.

These days, I still live in California, and have found an amazing alpha guy of my own who was brave enough to marry me. We live on a street that looks like Brigadoon, with our beautiful daughter. I have the best life ever, and never forget to thank the Big Guy Upstairs for it, either.

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