#Review – INTO HIS COMMAND (The Cimarron Series) by Angel Payne @AngelPayneWrtr

#Review – INTO HIS COMMAND (The Cimarron Series) by Angel Payne @AngelPayneWrtr

I received this book for free from the Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

#Review – INTO HIS COMMAND (The Cimarron Series) by Angel Payne @AngelPayneWrtrInto His Command by Angel Payne
Series: Cimarron #2
Published by: Self Published
on February 26, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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A hero worshipped.
Brooke Valen has resigned herself to a life of adoring Samsyn Cimarron from afar. The massive warrior has been her knight in shining armor since the night her family arrived on the island of Arcadia, forced to blend into the strange new land to avoid a terrorist's bounty. Though Brooke has grown into a woman and devoted herself to earning Syn's respect, she doubts he'll ever see her as anything more than a scrawny teen with stars in her eyes.

A prince scarred.
To Samsyn Cimarron, true love is a concept best left to storybooks. Syn likes things he can control better, like the secrets he must keep to ensure his country's security--and a long string of one-night lovers. But when Brooke is wounded helping to defend the kingdom, all his careful mandates are shattered--and fleeting passion with her doesn't feel like enough. Brooke affects him like no other lover...

A fate sealed.
Suddenly, Arcadia's security hinges on Samsyn and Brooke uniting as more than "friends with benefits"--much to Syn's conflict. Can he fight the new sensations that come with having her all to himself? There's a dark side to his desire--and exposing it may turn Brooke from him forever.

A love realized?
Though sharing a bed with the man of her dreams, Brooke has never felt more alone. Is the love in her soul strong enough to reach the beast in Syn's, or will she have to prove her devotion by confronting Arcadia's most vile enemy?

my thoughts

INTO HIS COMMAND by Angel Payne was so good, it’s SQUEEL-WORTHY! I have a big grin on my face  right now! It felt so good to dive back into this beautiful mystical world that Payne has created. And these characters….GAH! I love them so hard! It’s Samsyn Cimarron’s turn to get his Happily Ever After and damn it if it didn’t come easy at all for him. Brooke Valen, she is our heroine, and she is a little firecracker, that one. The PERFECT match for Syn. Her light to his dark. Her softness to his grit. Her moxie to his calm.

“Her beauty destroyed him. Her love transformed him.”

There is an instant connection when Brooke meets Samsyn for the first time. It was not under great circumstances as Brooke and her family was brought to Arcadia for safe haven. She adored from afar while moving up the ranks as a warrior. He admired from afar, because he knew she deserved far better than him. When a mission brings them closer together, there is no stopping the connection between them. They are combustible! They are primal! They are like one! Nothing has changed for Samsyn, or so he thinks. Brooke can have his body, even his mind, but he can’t give her his heart. What he didn’t know was that he already gave it to her, the minute she stepped off that aircraft years ago.

“I was…gone. Everything was…you.”

This is the type of romance that makes you feel all gooey inside. It warms your heart and soul, and brings a smile to your face. The character, primary and secondary alike, were amazing. The storyline was exciting. The sex scenes were explosive and down right naughty! The banter between the two made me laugh. Syn could be harsh at time, so gruff, and Brooke would just come in with her ‘hey big guy’ and I would just melt! I LOVED it! What an enjoyable read!

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Note: The Cimarron Series books can be read as stand-alones, though some readers might enjoy the saga continuity by reading the series in order. Every novel in the series is a complete story with a happy ending. Into His Command is Book 2 of the series.

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A bit about me…

I’ve been hooked on books since I was a kid but it got worse in my twenties, when I discovered romances–the hotter, the better. Growing up in Southern California, with lots of surfer manliness surrounded me, was certainly a good boost for reading about delicious alpha guys and the women who adore them. When I learned I had a knack for telling these stories too, I guess you could say I was doomed–though my path toward romance novelist took a few detours via a concert-reviewing gig for my college newspaper (free show tickets…backstage passes…that was a no-brainer), artist interviews for a Beverly Hills dance music mag, personal assistant work for a record producer, dance club disc jockey, and a lot of fun in the hospitality industry.

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