Review: BOOTY CAMP DATING SERVICE by Debra Anastasia @Debra_Anastasia

Review: BOOTY CAMP DATING SERVICE by Debra Anastasia @Debra_Anastasia

I received this book for free from the Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: BOOTY CAMP DATING SERVICE by Debra Anastasia @Debra_AnastasiaBooty Camp Dating Service by Debra Anastasia
Published by: Self Published
on August 28, 2016
Genres: Romantic Comedy
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Booty Camp Dating Service is a wildly successful matchmaking company. The twist? Well, Wolf Saber --who inherited his gift-- is NEVER wrong when he matches people. It’s a gift passed down from his grandmother to his mother to him.

He’s sexy but stays behind the scenes, letting his buddy Chance do all the talking while he matches the clients at parties and events. Booty Camp Dating Service travels the country, and nine months after they leave the city there’s always a flurry of weddings and an accompanying baby boom. Booty Camp claims that clients will be 110% satisfied and they deliver on that promise every single time.

Except Wolf refuses to deliver on that guarantee for himself. He doesn’t find love until Hazel Lavender’s best friend pushes her through his front door. Now all he wants to do is make sure Hazel is 110% satisfied…in his bed. Which, ironically, would break the very rules Wolf demands of his employees--no dating clients, ever.
So instead, Wolf and Hazel fight. And kiss. And fight some more.

Will Wolf’s own rules make him the very first Booty Camp Happily Never After? (Book Camp Dating Service is a STAND ALONE!)

my thoughts

EEEEEK!!!! OMG! Debra Anastasia is a GENIUS! She had me at the title! I knew going into this I was going to have a blast, because, I mean it’s Debra Anastasia. She ALWAYS brings the hilarity alongside her romances. A steamy, gut-busting good time is guaranteed for all. Don’t miss out on Wolf and Hazel’s awkward and sweet love story. If you are currently in a reading slump, BOOTY CAMP DATING SERVICE is sure to snap you right out of it. Low on the drama, high on the laughs…there is nothing that will make your day brighter than a Debra Anastasia original.

“I want to make a mistake with you. Right now.”

His voice was growly in his own ears when he said, “You’re sure?”

Woohoo! The sexual tension was HOT! Even the bouts of awkwardness was HOT! It just worked! It wasn’t all comical though. Just when you think you’re about ready to pee your pants from the humor of it all, Ms. Anastasia throws in some passion and sweetness that just hits the spot. She times it perfectly so that it flows together seamlessly.

“You are a fucking gift. Every time you let me touch you. Remember that.”

Total swoon ALERT ladies! There is so much going on in this story, that by the end, you will want to pick it up and read it all over again. This is a romantic comedy that has something for everyone. You won’t only fall in love with the main characters, but the secondary characters are an unexpected treat as well. Insta-love, humorous banter, awkward flirting, and a twist of fate that you don’t see coming…BOOTY CAMP DATING SERVICE was an unexpected romance that had me swooning from head to toe.

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