Review: HARD LIMITS by Elle Aycart @AycartElle

I received this book for free from the Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: HARD LIMITS by Elle Aycart @AycartElleHard Limits by Elle Aycart
Series: Bowen Boys #4.5
Published by: Loose Id LLC
on April 4, 2017
Genres: Romantic Suspense
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Nico Grabar, head of one of the most ruthless cartels in the world, is in the last stretch of a two-year nightmare, his agenda extremely busy. He has a criminal organization to run. A cover to maintain. A promise to fulfill. Too bad he’s bleeding to death in the middle of nowhere, about to meet his maker on a deserted street. A fitting ending to a bleak existence, really. When a beautiful Vintage bride with racoon eyes and a choke collar, covered from head to military boots in blood, came to him. It looked like the Grim Reaper had gotten a makeover just for him. What an honor.

Who finds a frigging drug lord in serious need of resuscitation while coming back from a bachelorette party at the wee hours? Paige, aka magnet for psychopaths, of course.
The Goth waitress at Rosita’s has already survived a major asshole, narrowly escaping with her life. The last she needs is to have to play Nightingale to a dangerous kingpin. What if he dies on her? Or worse; what if he doesn’t?

WOW! What a freaking ride! My heart is still pounding so hard! As a take few breaths, let me warn you that you should NOT read this review or read HARD LIMITS until you read JACKED UP! So if you haven’t read JACKED UP yet, STOP what you’re doing and GET ON IT! Alright, let’s get to it, shall we?

“…you are unraveling me piece by piece, and I fucking hate it.”

After finishing up JACKED UP, I was BEGGING for more and I was CRAVING Nico’s story! This MAN! OMG! I can’t EVEN right now! After learning that the author wasn’t really planning on writing Nico’s story, I was pleasantly surprised when I got my hands on this gem! This HOT and SEXY man stole my heart when he was a bad guy…in HARD LIMITS, he completely obliterated it and then somehow shoved it all back together and made me whole again. 

“If you hate it so much, why are you here?”

“Because I can’t stay away. Because I can’t fucking breathe without you. Because nothing’s worth a damn if I don’t have  you. Because I’ve fucking lost my mind.”

Nico has had to deal with so much darkness, so when he is saved by a brilliant light in the form of a beautiful goth girl, he isn’t sure what do about it. He’s not sure he CAN do anything about it. She saved his life, but he can’t afford any complications, especially one that is so damn mesmerizing. He finds himself unable to stay away from his goth girl. He needs the light…he craves it with everything in him. He knows it’s dangerous, but he will do anything and everything in his power to keep her safe. 

OMG! Nico and Paige were ELECTRIC together! The pages will smolder when you crack open this action-packed and seductive romance. Strong characters, a suspenseful storyline, pages and pages of STEAMY HOT sex scenes…I couldn’t have asked for a more captivating romantic suspense. In just  under 200 pages, Elle Aycart had me HOOKED! Drama, angst, passion, and love…this baby HAD IT ALL! This series just keeps getting better and better! I’ll never get enough. Keep em’ coming Elle! Keep em’ coming!

About Elle Aycart

After a colorful array of jobs all over Europe ranging from translator to chocolatier to travel agent to sushi chef to flight dispatcher, Elle Aycart is certain of one thing and one thing only: aside from writing romances, she has abso-frigging-lutely no clue what she wants to do when she grows up. Not that it stops her from trying all sorts of crazy stuff. While she is probably now thinking of a new profession, her head never stops churning new plots for her romances. She lives currently in Barcelona, Spain, with her husband and two daughters, although who knows, in no time she could be living at the Arctic Circle in Finland, breeding reindeer.

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