Exclusive Excerpt + Review: TOYING WITH HER by Prescott Lane @prescottlane1

I received this book for free from the Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Exclusive Excerpt + Review: TOYING WITH HER by Prescott Lane @prescottlane1Toying with Her by Prescott Lane
Published by: Self Published
on August 17, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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It’s said you never forget your first.

She was my childhood best friend. We were inseparable. We kept each other's secrets and grew up knowing we would always be there for one another.

In the most devastating moment of our lives, we shared our grief--and found comfort in each other's arms. Somehow, the worst day became the best night.

And then she left.

I've never forgotten her. I've tried but couldn’t. My only consolation is the memory of one perfect night.

Now, ten years later she walks back into my life, a grown, gorgeous woman and I'm ready for a second chance.

The look in her eyes says I'm still what she wants, now I have to convince her to trust me with her heart. I’ll never allow anyone to toy with her again.

I know she still loves me, because true love never dies.

This is only the second book I’ve read by Prescott Lane and I gotta say, she keeps surprising me at every turn. I absolutely ADORED Sterling and Rorke’s story! These two characters are SO FEISTY and I LOVED it! TOYING WITH HER is a second-chance, friends-to-lovers type romance that pushed all the buttons for me – heavy attraction, insane chemistry, and amazing banter. I couldn’t put it down! Ms. Lane mixes the heavy and the light-hearted perfectly, rounding it out to make a damn good romance.


At eighteen, he was as inexperienced as I was, maybe even more.  But what he lacked in knowledge, he made up for in pure desire.  
Pulling down my nightgown slightly, I stroke the hot skin of my breasts, remembering when Rorke first reached for me.  The way his strong hands felt caressing me, like he was touching something forbidden, like a work of art in a museum that’s there to be admired but not touched.  That’s what I was to him, and even at that tender age, I knew it.  But I didn’t know he’d ruin me for every other man.  That no man would ever make me feel that revered again.
This time, when my breasts hit the night air, I don’t tremble like I did then.  My nipples peak, and I close my eyes, licking my finger.  His tongue circled and sucked softly at first.  Boys were usually rough and rushed, but not Rorke.  My body was his shrine, his place to worship.  His kiss, the tender nibbles, both creating a deep ache between my thighs.  I’d never felt it before when a boy touched me.  It almost hurt, this deep need to feel him.  
“Rorke,” I whisper into my empty bedroom, just like I whispered it into his ear that night.
My hand slips lower.
His kiss meandering down my flesh.
There is nothing that could’ve prepared me for the first feel of his tongue between my legs.  I’d heard about oral sex, but mostly about the “bad” girls who did those things.  I was a deacon’s daughter, raised a certain way, but I didn’t care.  All I knew was if this was bad, then I never wanted to be “good” again.  Now he’s got a slight stubble on his face that I know would just add to my pleasure.
My legs spread wider in my bed, my finger mimicking the movements of his tongue over me.  I credit Rorke with teaching me everything I know about a woman’s orgasm, that it doesn’t come from one place.  The most powerful and best orgasms are a whole-body experience.  You can’t ignore any part.  The clit is great, but the lips are just as important.  And Rorke worked it all.
I remember the wave of heat flashing over me, my first orgasm sending my entire body trembling.  “How’d you learn how to do that?” I asked him.
“I think I was made to love you,” he whispered.

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About Prescott Lane

Prescott Lane is the author of First Position, Perfectly Broken, Quiet Angel, and Wrapped in Lace. She is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, and holds a degree in sociology and a MSW from Tulane University. She married her college sweetheart, and they currently live in New Orleans with their two children and two crazy dogs. Prescott started writing at the age of five, and sold her first story about a talking turtle to her father for a quarter. She later turned to writing romance novels because there aren’t enough happily ever afters in real life.

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