#SRSRFave!!! LUST by Emma Hart @EmmaHartAuthor

I received this book for free from the Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

#SRSRFave!!! LUST by Emma Hart @EmmaHartAuthorLUST by Emma Hart
Series: Vegas Nights #2
Published by: Self Published
on September 12, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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New York Times bestselling author, Emma Hart, brings together two polar-opposite single parents in the second book in the sinfully sexy Vegas Nights series.

Detective Adrian Potter had a lot to answer for. I didn’t care that he was tasked with shutting down the city’s most prolific hookers.

I cared that he was stopping me from providing for my daughter.

He didn’t care.
Not at all.
Until I broke down in the backseat of his car… And he let me go.

Adrian was a single parent, too. He knew how hard I had it. At least, he thought he did.
He had a job. He had people who cared. He didn’t know just how lucky he was.

My name is Perrie Fox.
I was a whore of the highest value.

Until Detective Adrian Potter.

Until the tattooed, redemption-seeking detective entered my life, looking for his fairytale.

The cop and the hooker.

Happily ever fucking never.

You’ve met one Fox sibling.
Now meet the other…

(LUST is book two of the Vegas Nights series. While it is a standalone, the time frame does overlap with scenes in the previous book, SIN. You can, however, read LUST without reading SIN.)

DAMN YOU Emma Hart for making me cry!!!

I don’t know how she does it but Emma Hart keeps BESTING herself with every new release. She takes an unusual, non-traditional coupling and absolutely ROCKED the HELL out of it. The things that this book made me FEEL…

I keep saying this with every book Ms. Hart puts out – THIS is her ABSOLUTE BEST work to date!

“If you call me ‘baby’ again, I’ll ram my fist down your throat.”

“Threatening an officer of the law probably isn’t your smartest idea.”

“That was no threat.”

I’m just gonna say it right here, right now…Perrie Fox has got to be one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE heroines EVER! I knew I was going to LOVE her, even with the small glimpse we got of her in book one. She is a bold and fiery woman who holds nothing back, except for her heart. She loves her daughter, Lola with EVERYTHING in her and she will do ANYTHING to provide for her. She’s passionate, witty, and a complete smart ass and our ever so gorgeous Detective Adrian Potter NEVER saw her coming. From the minute they ‘met’ I knew the chemistry was going to be OFF THE CHARTS! It was so much more than that. Full of hilarious and smart-witted banter, enough dirty talk to make you blush for days – LUST, book two in Emma Hart’s Vegas Nights Series, was just simply…EVERYTHING!

“Perrie Fox was destined to be mine. There was no two ways about it. She was mine. End of.”

I think readers don’t even have to be die-hard fans of Emma Hart to DEVOUR this book OR this series. All they have to do is read the blurb (or glance at the HOT covers for that matter) and they will be goners. I mean seriously, a whore and a detective? That match is fucking genius, and I think the only person who could pull it off as a masterpiece is Ms. Emma Hart.

And a BIG SHOUT OUT to the real stars of this book…give it up for the kids in this story, Lola and Zac! A bunch of scene-stealers is what they are.

What else can I say about this book that hasn’t already been said? You have to trust me when I say Emma Hart’s writing is spectacular. The characters she brings to life with her words are spectacular. The unique storylines are amazing and the sex scenes are FREAKING above all the rest. This book gave me ALL THE FEELS! But I’ve come to expect that from this author. I’ve come to expect this greatness, and I get it EVERY SINGLE TIME. I could go on and on, but take my word for it and pick up this book. I have absolutely NO DOUBT that you won’t completely and utterly fall head over heels in LOVE with Perrie, Adrian, Lola, and Zac. 

LUST was an incredibly EASY choice to label as an #SRSRFave and I know that this book will shoot to the TOP of many reader’s BEST BOOKS OF 2017 LISTS!

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By day, New York Times and USA Today bestselling New Adult author Emma Hart dons a cape and calls herself Super Mum to two beautiful little monsters. By night, she drops the cape, pours a glass of whatever she fancies – usually wine – and writes books.

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