Review: PROMISE TO DEFEND by Diana Gardin @Dianalynngardin

I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: PROMISE TO DEFEND by Diana Gardin @DianalynngardinPromise to Defend by Diana Gardin
Series: Rescue Ops #2
Published by: Forever Yours
on September 12, 2017
Genres: Romantic Suspense
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By saving her, he might just save himself...

I'm broken. I have been for seven years. Ever since my wife was murdered while I was deployed overseas. I was protecting our country, but I should have been protecting her. I haven't looked at another woman since--but then Olive Alexander crossed my path. She stirs up feelings I thought were long dead. So when her house is ransacked after she receives a threatening message, I know I have to step in and keep her safe. I failed my wife, but I won't fail Olive. Unfortunately, Olive isn't exactly ready to accept my help...

With her sexy-as-sin pencil skirts and sleek ponytails, Olive clearly doesn't let anything--or anyone--mess up her perfectly ordered life. But years spent working as a special ops soldier has taught me how to read people... and I know Olive is hiding something. When my covert mission for Night Eagle Security collides with Olive's past, I'll have to get her to open up-or risk losing her. And losing Olive is not an option. If she's in danger, I'll defend her...even if it costs me my life.

When it comes to the genre of Romantic Suspense, I review a little more carefully because it’s one of my favorite genres. I feel like the author has to do more to thrill me, excite me, and get my heart beating faster and faster with each turn of the page. With Diana Gardin being a new-to-me-author, along with her most recent romantic suspense, PROMISE TO DEFEND, I was anxious and excited to start reading. During my read I found that Ms. Gardin is a pretty damn good storyteller. Not only did she hook me right away, but she kept my eyes from straying the entire way through. It was sexy and exciting. It was sweet and swoony. It was suspenseful and seductive. This installment of Ms. Gardin’s Rescue Ops Series was a great addition to the series and it definitely enticed me to check out the first book in the series and start from the beginning. 

“I want to get you home.”

”What are you going to do with me when we get there?”

”Red…there’s no telling. But it’s probably going to be very, very dirty.”

I love a good ALPHA MALE and Diana gives us a spectacular one in Ronin Shaw. He was sexy, protective, gruff, possessive, and did I say sexy? But in the end he had a tender touch, as well as a tender heart and I think that is what eventually won me over. Olive Alexander, our heroine of this story was a very strong character indeed. She was the absolute perfect match for our hero in every way. Together they broke down the walls surround their hearts and let each other in. The two both have a haunting past. They have ghosts. For our hero, his ghost still haunts him to this day. For our heroine, her ghost might be closer than you think.

This suspenseful romance definitely had my blood pumping. This author has made her mark on me with this delicious story and I can’t wait to see what she brings to the table next. If you are looking for an alpha-licious hero who will do anything to protect the woman he loves, pick up PROMISE TO DEFEND. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. 

About Diana Gardin

Diana Gardin was born and raised combing the coasts of Southeastern Virginia. She is now a happy resident of South Carolina as she married into an enormous Carolina-rooted family. She loves the beach, and even more than that she loves to read while sitting on the beach.

While writing was always a passion of Diana’s, she enrolled in college to become an elementary-school teacher. After eight years of teaching in both Virginia and South Carolina, she decided to stay at home with her first child. This decision is what opened her eyes to the fact that she still very much loved to write, and her first novel was written.

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